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Our Story

After spending a decade travelling the world together with work, and having sampled many gins along the way, Drunken Duck Distillery was founded in 2020 by David and James.


Due to the 2020 pandemic our travelling days were put on hold giving us the opportunity to turn our idea into a reality and our next adventure had begun…..


The Farm


The Drunken Duck range was inspired by the seasonality of the family farm. Thanks to the farms sparkling spring mornings, long summer evenings,  crisp autumn days and fresh winter times, it has given way for us to create a gin with simple and honest flavour profiles whilst honouring the beautiful surroundings we live in. 


Our first London Dry Gin creates nostalgic memories of long, hot summer evenings in the garden with family and friends. It is these memories of happiness and joy from days gone by which are recreated with each and every sip.

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