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How it's Made 

After exploring various distilling techniques, we were drawn to the idea of cold distillation due to its control and flavour profiles. 

Cold distillation is more complex than traditional pot distilling, as the process uses a vacuum to reduce the evaporation point of the raw ingredients, meaning we can extract the true flavours from our botanicals without cooking and altering the chemical makeup - it’s the difference between fresh lemon and lemon curd.

Before distillation takes place, we macerate our botanicals in a neutral grain-based alcohol which is then rotated in a vacuum and boiled (boiling doesn’t mean heat!). The vapour is then condensed in a glass coil containing our spirit which effectively locks in the volatile flavours, and the resulting spirits becomes the basis for our gin. 

Another fundamental benefit to this method is the sustainability aspect for the environment, as it is uses less energy for heating and cooling compared to other traditional methods and also requires less water resulting in less water waste. This is important for the integrity of our process.

Cold distillation opens up a wealth of possibilities in flavour extraction and energy efficiency, and has enabled us to achieve the clean, fresh and crisp flavours that make up Drunken Duck gin. 

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